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Australia Covid-19 (CoronaVirus) Detailed Report

For Australia; You can find following information with detailed:

  • Tests
    • Tests are important to catch all patients.
    • Method is important. Some countries’ numbers are not true because of the low number.
  • Cases
    • This information is offical.
    • That’s why The data is trusting according to test number.
  • Deaths
    • Total deats data is important to show two different info:
    • 1 – The seriousness of goverment about offical informing.
    • 2 – Health Infrastructure and qualification.
  • Patients in ICU
    • The number of Critical Patiens is important.
    • Sadly, most of them dies from this part.
  • Patients
    • RecoveredIf this number is more than total cases, it means that the pandemic is decraesing.
  • Active Cases
    • Shows the progress of pandemic.
  • Total and Daily Information
    • All outputs are new and total.
  • Mobility stats
    • Data has been taken from Apple.
    • The average data is the last 7 days average.
  • Percentage of Death
    • 1 – If the % > 5 then we can say that the government lies,
    • or 2 – the healt system is very bad.
  • Diagrams for days
    • Progress of Pandemic of the country can be understood from detailed diagrams.


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