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Covid-19 (CoronaVirus) Europe Country Reports

Covid-19 Reports for following Countries has been prepared…


In this table, Death Percentage and ‘Daily Recover / Daily Cases’ is very important. For Death % there are two colours;

Red: In these countries, the rate is more than %10! There are two possibilities for this high rate. 1 ==> The case number is higher than written. There is a problem about following sysytem.  2==> The Health System is very bad in this country.

Yellow: In this countries, the rate is between %10 and %5. We can talk about the same problems but better than red one.

An other important information is Recover / Cases rate. We can understand the progress of the pandemic from these values. If this value is;

  • Dark Green we can say according to the last days data: “This Country has won the Coronavirus”.
  • Blue, we can say: “This country has started to win the virus”
  • Yellow: “The pandemic was is about the middle. They have to continue fighting.”
  • Red: “The pandemic started early.”


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