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A defined project scope and budget are crucial to keeping the project on schedule during the design and bidding phases. The first and most important opportunity to do this is at the initial concept of the project.

Feasibility and budget estimates are prepared with minimal information, usually verbal descriptions and rough sketches. These estimates are prepared with as little as one day turnaround time. They typically consist of five to six pages of information.


  • Schematic Design Milestone
  • Design Development Milestone
  • Design Build Bid

The ability to monitor the project scope and costs during the design process is of paramount importance. Variances can be identified and informed actions taken to keep the project within cost and schedule parameters.

The Teknik Ofis Company partial design estimates contain a high degree of detail and information. The amount of detail contained in our estimates can often exceed the information contained on the plans or in the specifications. When a series of estimates are prepared for a project, the scope and costs can be monitored for the entire design period through to the end of construction.


Discovering conflicts, duplication, and/or omissions in the contract documents leads to better bids and fewer change orders during the construction period.

A constructability review by Teknik Ofis examines the civil, architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical components of each project. Interference’s are identified, clarifications on details requested and a summary report issued on the findings.


Detail, completeness and speed are the key requirements in a bid estimate.

A Teknik Ofis bid estimate is prepared from complete plan and specification packages. The quantities are “bid level” in detail. This means a great majority of the project materials can be purchased direct from the estimate. Each item of work is identified in the estimate. The plans are cross checked with the specifications.

Quantities are completely developed approximately half way through the bid period. This provides more time to make key labor, material and equipment decisions for the project. When this happens, the estimate is more reliable and there are fewer mistakes.



Evaluations of comparable systems for structural, architectural, mechanical and electrical are often needed to meet project cost, time or performance criteria.

Teknik Ofis Company evaluates each project on its’ specific criteria. Systems are evaluated for durability, economy of scale, availability, installation, and operating requirements. When our analysis is complete, an informed decision can be made for the best value.

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