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CPM Work Schedule

The most important reason for developing a schedule is to manage the work. Benefits to a schedule are improved communications between the prime and subcontractors and between the owner and the contractors during the course of construction.

Maintaining control
of your project
is one of the
keys to success.


In developing the schedule for a project, the information comes from a variety of sources. Submittal requirements are developed from the specifications and other contract documents. Installation activities and interfaces are determined from the estimate and contract documents. Manpower levels, duration’s and cost loading information for the schedule are derived from the estimate. In addition to these sources management and supervisory personnel for the project participate in the development of the schedule.

A schedule has many applications during the construction phase besides indicating progress and critical activities. A well-developed schedule can be used for cash flow projections and progress payment requests. Variations can be studied to determine potential delays to the work or to determine alternate sequences. Manpower projections, phasing interfaces, and other capabilities are available.

Teknik Ofis Company will analyze your project for the best scheduling application. Whether through bar chart, arrow diagram or precedence method, Teknik Ofis Company’s schedules will help to manage the work and bring the project to completion on schedule.

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