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Our project and company management consulting is available for improvements to operating efficiency on the job and in the office. A variety of proven techniques are available to implement in your business. From the organizational structure of the company to departmental analysis, our evaluations and recommendations can improve your operations.


Strategic bidding is a must. Knowing the probability of success on a bid is crucial to efficient use of company resources. The type of work, number of bidders, contract type and other factors influence your success at bid time. Learn and implement systems to achieve better overall results.


Estimating and bidding practices are evaluated to obtain optimum performance. The evaluation of existing practices includes personnel, hardware and software systems, estimate or bid types along with other information. The report containing our analysis and recommendations includes background information, scope of analysis, objectives and recommendations. Each recommendation includes the current practice and rational for the change.


Proposal preparation activities should be a matter of substance and presentation, not “smoke and mirrors.” At Teknik Ofis Company, we identify and work with your strengths to assist you in the marketing and proposal processes.

Each proposal presentation can make the difference between winning and losing a project. In today’s market, it is not enough to just turn in a number. Let’s face it, if your competitors did not have a similar product or service, they would not be your competition. You need to put your best effort into letting your customer know that your firm is not only better, but why your firm is better than any of the others.

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