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CPRS (Construction Pregress Reporting System)

Teknis Ofis uses CPRS in all Consruction of Project Management. CPRS is a system to see all informatio details about the Project on time.

Avaible Information / Detail Reports on CPRC

  • Quantities on asked time
  • Unit Prices, Cost Estimation Reports
  • Contractor and Subconractor Progress Reports
  • Labour Report
  • Equipment / Vehicle Report
  • Work Schedule Compatitate Report
  • Risk Analysis Reports about Labour, Subcontractors, Work Schedule and Cost

Other Notes about CPRS

  • Reports and information are private for all members in Project. For example, the reports for the General Manager and Site Engineer are different
  • The period of the surveys of the project is different for all project. The period can be once a day, once a week, or once a month.
  • Client can see the reports from net when ever they want
  • It is possible to take special reports online

Please contact us for details…

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